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About Me

Kayla Rolerat - Self Taught Home Baker


Hi! My name is Kayla. I started my at home bakery in the fall of 2018. It started when a friend asked me to make some desserts for her wedding. I loved every minute of it and decided it was something I wanted to do more often. When I started baking, I thought I would just do mini desserts and small events. Then I made my first cake, and I was hooked! I would say over the past few years I've definitely perfected some of my most popular desserts, but I always love making new things as well. 

Although I love baking, it is not my full time job. I am a speech language pathologist that works with children ages 0-3 years old and their families. A few of my other hobbies include hiking, scrapbooking, and getting lost in a good book. I recently moved to Denver, CO and have loved exploring my new home! 

I want to thank all my supporters, taste testers, and advertisers. Without you, my business would not be where it is today! 

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